Granada Day 8

Diary Number: 8

Date: 21/11/18

Daily Summary

there were two extra service users in the center today so it was a bit busier than usual. Two service users asked with assistance with their showers so i gladly helped one of the staff with this. one of the staff had to go home sick today so i fell in to help out in the kitchen serving and assisting with feeding. the two extra service users required additional assistance so i was able to help them in the dining room. the day went by very fast as we were a little busier than normal. in the evening the group went to visit The Alhambra Granada.


Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

i love the fact that i get to multitask so much at this work placement im the type of person who likes to keep busy so it suits me to be kept on my toes at work. im enjoying the whole challenge of it.

Challenges Encountered

To be honest the day ran very smoothly so i didnt really encounter any challenges.


i know that im well able for the job and im finding the whole experience very good for my self confidence



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