Blog Entry 10

Diary Number:10

Date: 23/11/18

Daily Summary

Today my duty was that to help the children with their drawings. I had to get all the equipment ready for the children for their drawings. i was helping the teacher to printed off sheets of monsters and objects on it which the children would color in. I had also got coloring pencils for the children to use during the drawing. I also printed it off extra sheet in case they wanted more sheets to color

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

The Positive aspects of the day was that today I learned how important it is to stay organised and have everything in the proper places such as equipment. This helped my organisational skills.

Challenges Encountered

Today the challenges I encountered was that the difficulty I faced was that the children kept on breaking the tips of the coloring pencils so i had to sharpen them over and over. so then i had to clean after them is well when they were finished after that it was really challenging we had over last day in the work placement and we are finish early as well.


Overall today was really busy and sad day for me because firstly  I was carryout my last coloring activity with it was last day in my work placement its was bit sad think that i had to leave all the  staff friend I make as well as the the friendship bond I make with the children.


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