Blog Entry 03

Diary Number: 03

Date: 14/11/18



Daily Summary

Today was my second day in my work placement. I had duties in the preschool where I had to go early because I was helped the teacher to organize a painting activity for children that 9.30, the children came to the classroom and I sat with children in the ‘circle time’ the children were singing rhymes in English. and they also had ‘ our news time ‘ where the teacher asked children what they did yesterday and they had story time, the teacher she brought new book it was called mixed colors monster. the teacher she was trying to show the children that each color in the book had a different emotion which it can help the children understand different color that represents a different emotion for example yellow color is a happy emotion.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

the positive aspect of the day that I learned was that the teacher who showed the children how each color had a different Emotion and she used sign language to show that each color had a different meaning

Challenges Encountered

the challenges that I encountered today was the language barrier with the Spanish teacher, she asked me for help with the activity but it was hard to understand her as I didn’t understand Spanish that well.


today was a really good day  because I learned something new and different especially when the teacher  talked about each color had a different Emotion and the way  she  used a sign language to show that each color had different emotional meaning


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