Erasmus Diary Granada Spain Week 2

Weekly Summary

18/02/2019 Monday started work experience at 9AM went into dining room to assist with breakfast and help the people in from bus helped with was up and brought the people out to activity rooms and to physotheraphy room for their exercises. Then the went into day room andthey had their lunch after. I assisted with lunch and washed up finished at 2pm. On Tuesday morning the 19th February started workexperience at 9am ,assisted with bringing people in from bus some were in wheelchairs and some had walking aids, I then assisted with breakfast and washing up. Then they went in to activity rooms and I helped them with puzzles , money counting, painting and other activities these activities keeps their brains active.  I then brought each a glass of water. Then we started lunches the four people that needed assistants with feeding were brought into dining room first and when they were finished they went to day room. Then the other people had their lunch. I then Helped with toileting.  I then helped with wash up after lunch and finished at 2pm.Wednesday morning started work at 9am assisted with breakfast and washed up. Assisted one to toilet and used the standing hoist. Helped with lunches and wash up and then they had their exercises and I took part in  the  activty. Finished at 2pm. Thursday morning helped with feeding, toileting, and showering. Washed up after breakfast, assisted with brain activities and brought around the water trolley and gave them all a glass of water. I helped with the lunches and washing up finished at 2pm. Friday morning assisted people from buses and brought them to dining room, assisted with toileting and showering. Helped with lunches and activities finished at 2pm.

Learning & Positive Aspects of Week 1

The positives aspects of the week was I learned a lot from the care center and I got to take part in a lot of activities and used hoists, and learned how things were done properly.

Challenges Encountered

The challenge I encountered was the language they spoke very fast in spanish and it was sometimes hard to understand what they were saying.


I really enjoyed working and the staff and people there were very nice and helpful. I took part in all the activities in the centre and they said I was doing  really good at the tasks they gave me.I got to use hoist and helped with showering and toileting and I achieved my goals and was very happy there.


On Monday evening we did Albaicin tour it was very intresting and the sites were beautiful and on wednesday we did the Sacromonte tour it was great we were able to look down at the city the buildings and houses were very nice we saw the caves where the poorer people set up homes in the mountains it was a great experience and wounderful views. On friday 22/02/19 we did the Realejo tour we saw the wonderful graffiti on the walls and on some houses it was amazing.

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