Day 8 Granada

Diary Number: 8
21st of November 2018

Daily Summary

Today The class I usually am in went away on a tour today so I was placed in a different class. It was a lot about observation I didn’t do a lot of physical or practical work as I am experienced in this class, however I did enjoy watching the children and having a good experience of what it’s like to be on the care side of things in the work placement.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

I was observing children today who live in the hospital they come downstairs for “education” and stimulation, for a good part of the day they receive care from the staff they receive physical and speech therapy. and I learned how their daily routine goes. There is a lots of hands on work that goes into the placement the people who work here are very loving and caring. I also observed the tube feeding which was something I hadn’t seen before.

Challenges Encountered

As a child care practitioner I am used to seeing children receive education. This day was tough for me as I am not used to being exposed to children with such a demanding needs and I felt emotional. It’s not that easy job and I feel a great respect for those to do it


I am happy to be learning new skills however I realized after being here for a week and a half , I definitely am looking towards educational side of things when it comes to being a child care practitioner. I feel i have the skills and ability more in that direction than special educational. I do have a heart these children that I have been with these past couple of weeks and it’s been a great experience


Coming from such a small town in Ireland, Granada seems to be very large below is the picture of Nevada shopping mall, this place is huge.

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