Erasmus Diary Spain Week 1

Weekly  Summary 1

11/03/2019 -17/02/2019

It was on a bright lovely Monday when I woke up excited that I was going to see the Daycare center where I will be doing my work experience for two weeks. At 11:30 someone came to take me to where I was going to do my work experience. We were given bus passes to use during the 2 weeks we are in Spain. We took a bus to the workplace, I was shown the bus number to take, where to get it and where it stops. The people I meet there where very lovely and welcoming. I was shown around the place, I was surprised by what they do in the daycare center. We were there for about an hour and then we left. Later on, as a group, we were shown around Granada, where to get the things we will need while we were here.



I woke up early in the morning on making sure that I will make it on time to the day care center. I arrived 15 minutes early which was good. The Daycare center opens at 8:00 in the morning and closes at 17:00 pm. I found some clients already there. I helped with making breakfast. The people who come here come and different times and there is a company bus that picks them up from their homes to the center. I helped take them out of the bus to the dining room where they get their breakfast. When they finish eating they go to different rooms depending on their abilities but almost everyone goes to the gym. After work we had some free time, it gave me a chance to walk around the place and explore Granada. 


The people came as usual but I realized that a few are brought by their family members in the morning and they come and pick them up later. For their breakfast, most of them would have coffee and toasted bread with olive oil. Some people who preferred a different spread brought it to the center and it will be kept in there. I went to the activity room where the clients have something to do all the time. some have poor eyesight but in the center, they try by all means to help them. they will be given puzzles to work on, there where different types that I saw. After work, we had some free time again so I decided that I will explore granda more and I went to a big Shopping center in Nevada. it is a massive shopping center and the things in Nevada where affordable.


every day I helped the breakfast and taking the dishes to the kitchen. they went to their activity rooms but today I went to the other room where I was amazed by what I saw. about 7 of the clients in the Daycare center could to calculations in mathematics in a way that even my self I cant. Some people where colouring and the drawing they were colouring were adorable. While they were doing all this they will be called in small numbers to go to the gym. In the gym, this is where they exercise they are some equipment in there and a qualified person to do that. When they finish they would do gymnastics that’s what they called it. After work, we had a few hours to ourselves and then we went to the flamenco show. it was interesting to the dance and to know the history of how it came about.



On Friday I assisted one of the clients in the center to eat their lunch. It all went well. The people who had eating difficulties and those who were slow to eat first. After they had finished eating I helped toilet them. Today they didn’t do the gymnastics, they had some visitor. Preschools children came to have fun with them. We had some fun, the day care center provided some paint and organized an activity with the kids. It was a great interaction we had. The Grandparents told stories and played games with the children. Then after work, I took a walk around town. 


On Saturday we had the whole day to myself. I need a rest from the long week of exploring the city of Granada and working in the daycare center. I woke up around 11 and went to Nevada again because I had not finished walking around the place as it is a massive shopping center.


We had a trip to Cordoba. Oh, Cordoba, is very beautiful we went to Alcazar in there-there are wonderful courtyards and gardens and exotic trees, shrubs and flowers. I am very happy that I went there. there are beautiful fountains around the place. from here we when to the Mezquita and Cathedral oh it was very out sanding. it is a muslin temple and it is the third largest mosque in the world. after that, we had some time to walk around Cordoba. 

Learning & Positive Aspects of Week 1

In my workplace, I learnt that helping the elderly to stay active reduces may conditions like when they are active all the time their muscles don’t relax and die. it reduces disability. 

Challenges Encountered

The language has been the biggest challenge that I countered this week as they had little English but we could also use sign language to understand each other. the other challenge I encountered was trying to remember everyone’s name as they had no tags on them.


I am very happy that I came to Spain it has been a great experience for me. I have learnt a lot from the workplace and the city its self. 


I saw that Spain has a lot of sunshine and it is known for its famous flamenco dance, I really enjoyed it when we went to watch it. when you by beer you receive free tapas and they eat fish a lot.  learnt a lot about their Spanish culture. we went to Cordoba where we had a history of the place. 

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