Week 2 in Maribor, Slovenia…

My second week in Slovenia has been great! Im getting used to being more independent and taking public transport everyday to work.

During the week days after work i took the time to relax in Maribor town and take in the beautiful scenery and availed of all the clothing shops as well as restaurants. I also took a boat trip that took us around Maribor. I really enjoyed this.

Work experience this week has been getting easier as im now used to each tasks given to me. I feel like im more comfortable working then i was the first week and i also feel like the residents are getting used to me. During the week there was a magic show taking place in the activities floor. I sat next to the residents in the crowd and enjoyed the show. During the day of work the staff were preparing a snack for both residents and other staff members. This snack consisted of edible cream flowers that were coated in batter and this was called Acacia. I really liked this snack.

Im really enjoying my second week. 🙂

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