Blog Entry 08

Diary Number: 08

Date: 21/11/18



Daily Summary

Today i had duty in the preschool room my task was to play sporting activity with the children. the sporting activity I was carrying out with the children was soccer. I had to get a soft ball just to make sure no one gets hurt. I had to keep a close eye on the children to make sure no one gets hurt and that they play the game fairly. one of the kids fell over and started crying so I had to go over and try to comfort him to try and stop him from crying. the child finally stopped crying and began playing again with the rest of the children.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

The Positive Aspects of the Day.I learned that it’s quite difficult to handle kids on my own, so I had to ask a member of the staff to help me out. I learned that team is the best foundation for a good workplace

Challenges Encountered

The challenges I encountered was that the challenges I faced today was that I had keep an eye on the kids and make sure that no one gets hurt while they are playing. It was Really hard to control the children on my own.


Overall today I feel really happy and confidence because the preschool teacher she left the playground for 15 minutes and I had the opportunity to handle the kid on my own in the playground for the first time .


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