Day 1 , 2 & 3

Early start on our first day in Grenada ..We had Derek & John awaiting us at 7.15am after just 4 hours sleep and off to our work placement ..We arrived too early as the school doesnt commence until 9.30am but we met up with the principal ..John & Derek left us and as we were still about 50 mins early we went over to the hotel for some breakfast ..

We arrived back to be split up ..I was taken to the 3 year olds room ..There were 8 children there from 2 years old .After a few minutes of play they started with their numbers to 10 and also the weather ..It was sunny ..Next it was painting, I.helped putting on their shirts ..The 3 colours soon got mixed and some messy painting was done.. After a wash and clean up it was break of Chocalate Milk and buscuits.Then break time outside ..After break we had more play before I helped the children put on their shirts for dinner…Im twos we then walked ti the dinner room where they had cuury meat and salad followed by a glass of water and a manderin. We then walked back to tge classroom ..cleaned up and outside play until finished at 2.30pm ..

Day 2

Today I was with the 4 year olds ..We stated with a song in English on the computer Good Morning ..This got the kids dancing..The kids did their numbers counting animals from a box 1 to 7 tgen returing their number to the box Then the got their books talked about a picture if an eskimo and where he lives and what clothes he wears with me saying it in english for the kuds, before writing and colouring the page .We then had the chocolate milk and biscuits before play time . After play time I did some songs with the kids eg Head Shoulders Knees & toes ..This is the way we …etc .We then went over for their dinner today I helped with the service.. I was given sheets and blankets to bring back with me Some of the kids that were staying till 6 went for a sleep in room 5 ..The rest went outside to play so I was on supervision until 2.30pm.

Day 3 and onto the 5 year old ..Again an english song started the morning ..The challenge was hatder today and Senora Fina has very little englush so communication was difficult . We had circle time where each child practice saying my name English as did I in both Englsh and Spannish and then Senora Fina showed them Ireland on the map .Then they got their books where they taked about what an Airhistess does when you go on a plane and a Captain does on a Ship ..they then did some tracing and colouring and I taught them all with their stickers Car, Bus , Ship ..It was then time for break..After break we made a mobile..I cut out shapes ..lengths of wool for each of the 10 children and then made my own one.. At 2pm the kids went for their dinner so the younger kuds could go to sleep in their room .After cleaning out the toilets .I went on yard supervision until 2.30pm

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