Italy- week 2: 11th to 14th Feb

Weekly Summary- like week 1 we had a busy schedule. I was in different classes this week which allowed me to broaden my learnings further. This week I was more familiar with the teachers & students.

Learning & Positive aspects- This week I had a big focus on teaching the students life skills. I was teaching them through drawing, show & tell.

Challenges Encountered- A challenge this week was working with the mainstream & trying to communicate in English as not all students had good spoken English. We had to give an English lesson which I wasn’t prepared for but it went well.

Self-Evaluation- Again I feel this week went very well as I got very good feedback. I performed well teaching life skills such a setting the table, as the students picked this up very quickly.

Cultural- I don’t feel there are many cultural differences by the end of this week. This week I started to notice the missing potatoes from the Italian diet as us Irish do love a potatoe and at the end of week 2 I’m missing this 🙂

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