Italy- Week 1: 5th to 8th February

Weekly Summary- Every day I had a work experience schedule to adhere to at Enaudi school. The week was very busy with every hour accounted for from 9am to 1pm as I rotated from class to class every day which broadened my experience.

Learning & Positive aspects – The attention & care for each of the Special needs students was remarkable. The learning development for the students through music was very affective & this was my first time witnessing this. The music had a calming affect on students & allowed us to gain the students full attention.

Challenge Encountered- Initially the greatest challenge for me was the language barrier but we overcame this through expression & communicating slowly.

Self- Evaluation- overall at the end of week 1 I feel I did a good job at the school as the teachers I worked with gave me good feedback & thanked me for my help. I was concerned about the language barrier but I didn’t let this affect my experience & ability. I interacted very well with both teachers and students.

Cultural- This school catered for mainstream & special needs students & the school is equally dedicated to both. I noticed the difference in security between Ireland and Italy. In Ireland the schools are very protected with access control & CCTV. In Italy the school had minimal access control.

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