Granada Week 2

MONDAY…..Day started off similar to last week. Leave our apartment at 8.15. Catch our bus at 8.30. Arrive at our centre Unidad parque almunia at 9. Today I assisted with much more, e.g. more activities, we went outside for a walk, feeding and toileting. The staff are very friendly and are making a good effort with us on our work experience. Finished work at 2. After this I had a wander around the city. All the little shops near the cathedral are lovely.

TUESDAY….Up bright and early. Leave our apartment at 8.20, to get the bus at 8.30. Arrive at work placement at 9am. This morning there is some washing up to be done so i assist with this. At 9 30 the bus arrives and assist people off the bus. I assist with breakfast and feed a gentleman his breakfast. After this we help the OT with arts and crafts drawing and cutting out circles to make costumes for an upcoming carnaval. After this it is lunch time i assist with giving out the lunches and cleaning up after this washing and drying the wear. After this it 2pm. I get my bus and head to the nevada shopping centre for the evening.


Arrive at my bus stop at 8 30. Arrive at work 9am. This morning i assist with breakfast make some toast and clean up after this. I also start making some more decorations for the carnival. At 11 am I help with giving out some refreshments and help to wash up after this. At 11.30 we go outside for a walk it’s a beautiful morning and everyone loves to get outside. After this I assist with feeding and toileting and leave at 2pm for my bus.


Arrive at my bus for 8.30. Arrive at work placement for 9.00am. As I wait for the bus to arrive, I have a great chat with my work colleagues from my centre it is getting alot easier to communicate with them we are all growing closer and having great fun. Bus arrives at 9.30 at I assist with a lady off the bus and make her breakfast and clear up after this. Then the OT arrives and I help her with some activities, they make puzzles and have maths and crosswords they all love doing these. After this i assist in the kitchen with lunch time, clearing tables and washing up. Leave my centre at 2pm.


I am sad that it’s my last day, it’s a bittersweet feeling although i am looking forward to going home, I have really enjoyed the friendships I have made over the last 2 weeks of my placement. I arrive at my centre at 9 am there is a great atmosphere as I enter. Everyone is in great form, I assist with breakfast and wash up. We play bingo today and it’s great fun. I help with lunches and before I know it it’s 2 pm. My colleague and I have brought gifts for the staff as a token of out appreciation. We get pictures taken and say our goodbyes. It’s been a great 2 weeks. They also gave us hand made cards it was very thoughtful of them.

Cultural aspects

We went on alot of walking tours this week which were great for seeing the beautiful city of granada. We went to sacromente and realejo which shows one of the great art work around the city. On Saturday we went to Malaga city which was beautiful.

Difficulties and learning.

On a positive note my Spanish is improving everyday, I find it easier to understand when people are talking Spanish. On a negative note, even though it’s only natural I was very homesick the start of the second week, but it soon past and before I knew it the week was flying by. Another difficulty was saying goodbye to all at my placement, I grew attached to the people there and formed a great bond with them. It was hard to say goodbye.


As I sit here on the bus to the airport I think back on what has been an amazing 2 weeks I would urge anyone who gets this opportunity grab it with 2 hand. The friends and friendships I have made in the 2 weeks have been wonderful.

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