Granada, Spain, Feb 2019.

Week 2

Monday 18th: Today at work, I spent a full day in the nursery, looking after the babies needs. We had 9 in total, so it was a busy in the morning. I had the opportunity to learn the babies routine of feeding, changing, and how to comfort them. The day was long, as I was not used to looking so many children. I preferred the older group. Later that evening the we went on the ‘Albacin tour’s with our tour guide Anea. This was a very enjoyable walk and once you get to the top you get beautiful view of the city and the Alhambra palace.

Tuesday 19th: Today I am in the middle class with the 1-2 age group. In assembly today, the children learnt about road safety and the colours associated with this. The children learn through doing so each lesson has an activity to re-enforce their learning. The also learnt the shape triangle and had to match the shape on their activity page.

Wednesday 20th: Today I am with the 2-3 year olds. Lesson plan for today is the colour yellow and the word pear. After assembly the children sit the table and I distributed the activity, I am starting to improve in my distribution of paints, materials required for a large class.

Thursday 21st: Today was in the middle class. The children were practicing their fine motor skills threading. They use a wooden template that has holes in it, to tread string which helps them follow a pattern. This develops their pincher grasp. Later that evening I joined the group and we did the Sacromonte tour with our tour guide Anea. It is located on the Valparaiso hill. This is a beautiful walk of the old neighborhood of the Romani people. It is very picturesque and well worth the walk in the evening with the sun set over the city.

Friday 22nd: Today I was giving the task of calling and delivering assembly today. 18 children between the age of 2-3. I did the greeting song and asked each child how they were feeling? We did some exercise movements and I read them the story of the hungry Caterpillar and we practiced our colours. We painted a picture of the oscars throphy in preparation for the mini awards in the preschool, every year they put on a show. The children also learnt the number 5.

Learning Aspects of Week 2: Highlight of week 2, I was giving the opportunity to deliver the class lesson on Friday. My observation skills improved and I was more confident at work.

Challenges Encountered: The class sizes are much bigger than in Ireland. When I was reading the story I found it hard to keep the attention of the whole group.

Self-Evaluation: I have gained more confidence in delivering a lesson plan for children in the pre school. I have learned many skills this week in caring for children and their needs. The second week, I found it easier as we remained in the class the whole day.

Cultural: I am beginning to use the Spanish language more this week, and I’m being more adventurous trying out different foods. This is a Fabulous place to visit, I will definitely be back here to explore more. I would like to thank Mallow College for this wonderful opportunity. If you ever get the chance to go on an Erasmus work eperience grab it with both hands.

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