Week 2 Malaga-enjoying everything 😎

The view on my break.

It’s Wednesday (miércoles). I am now half way through the programme. The first week went slowly but now the days go so fast. This week I had the opportunity to move to another wellness centre more south where there is a different staff and a different demographic of clients. By now I am freely speaking with the staff exchanging English lessons for Spanish. It is a lot of fun especially the pronunciation of some words. As I have an interest in learning and improving my Spanish this is fantastic for me.

Today I am posting a picture of my view that I enjoy on my break this week. I feel blessed to be here.

The work for me begins at 9 and finishes at 2. In my case I return to participate and see the classes and how they operate. So far I have participated in the Tai Chi, Yoga and strength classes. It is interesting to see how efficient and organized the Go Fit system is. There are many members in the centre as members who can for free join any class for free.

This week I also got the training to speak with members who were thinking of canceling their membership. Again there is a system for this which helps the staff to identify areas which they can help in the future.

Beach cabins

The staff I work with are very helpful. They are young, healthy, vibrant and good fun. The members when they come to reception are delighted to say their few words of English and are celebrating when I can understand.

I am noticing that while my Español is Mejor (better) my inglés (English) is becoming más (more) basic. 😂 for now basic English helps as my colleagues understand me better. Mostly short sentences and words is the best way.

There are many people on holidays here so their is a jovial athmosphere, every day there are many people using the beach enjoying relaxing 😎. After 2 pm I will join them 👍.

Some evenings there are cultural activities which a guide brings us on a tour. These are good as they have chosen the best places. Here is our activities for the week which we join with 2 other Erasmus students who come from colleges similar to Mallow college.

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