Week two in Granada…

Another week is gone by with new adventures. An amazing week in workplace, working on a total new admin system which was challenging at the start but now I can say I can manage it easily… the help and support was there at all times.

One of our activities was a Flamenco night in Sacramento, the music and the dancing was “wow” , a night to remember .

One of the tours took place at the Plaza de Toros Monumental del Frascuelo. Our tour guide Yosin took his time to show us and explain everything about bull fighting and the full history of it. Is amazing to see the details on their clothes, the materials chosed for and colours, the rooms for bulls and toreadors are all prepared in order of the entrance for fights, the chapel is right in the middle of it as the toreadors are going in before the fights, the emergency room was something that can show the severity of the fights. The building is well structured and the history can be seen in the photos, posters and the marks on the walls…

Another visit was at the Real Hospital. It was a pleasure to walk around and see the changes done for the last few years and from a hospital to a place for concerts,exhibitions and visitor tours done under the University’s from Granada. A great place to visit and free of charge.

As Granada has so many places to visit for free and is a great tourist attraction. Walking around is a pleasure to see all the street entertainments, clothes stands, the smell of food and of course the music is full of great vibes.

Another thing that I love about Granada is that are different churches around, all with an amazing interior design.

For a relaxing evening I went for the arab baths at the Aljibe baths and it was one of the most relaxing 2 hours spent in my entire life… no phone allowed in so couldn’t get any photos insode but is well worth a try 🙂

Heading on my third week in here and I still have a long list for different sightseeing activities as is so much too see here in Granada…

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