Day 3 Granada Work Placement

Diary Number: 3

Date: 14th  of November 2018

Daily Summary
Today I arrived at the setting at 10am, I was there before most of the the students, one student brought in her microscope and was setting up for a class demonstration. She pretended to be the teacher for an hour and showed the children her microscope. The children enjoyed it a lot. We then helped assist counting and recognizing coins. The class left early today. I was able to go on the patio for recess and see how they play.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

Today one of the students drew my portrait! I am getting to know the class and enjoy being there

Challenges Encountered

I am unsure about one of the students and I feel slightly nervous around the student.


I need to learn about the different needs in the school and should ask more questions. I could do with educating myself about the needs there is out there. And what I can do to help.


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