Week 1 in Maribor, Slovenia…

As a student in Mallow college i was very grateful to have been chosen for this 3 week trip. After experiencing my first week in Maribor, Slovenia it was both exciting and nerve wrecking. It took me a few days to get used to the accomadation and buses. I found the language barrier difficult in my work placement as there was two people who could speak English but they weren’t always on my shift. I tried to overcome this by initiating art work with the residents. I really enjoyed this and so did the residents.

Throughout the day i kept myself busy by putting away laundry, assisting the staff with meal time, nutrition and toileting.

I was very impressed with the layout of the convalescent home, different sections of the home had there own kitchen, dining room, sitting room, art room. There was a total of 5 floors. There were elavators on each floor. The outside section of the home had a forest garden for the residents to walk through. I really enjoyed seeing the residents and helping as much as i could. I do find work in Maribor different compared to home

During the weekend our group visited a museum in Maribor town. I learnt a lot about Maribor’s past. I loved history in school and still do and because of this i found it exciting and interesting.

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