Visit at ForConsulting – Formacao & Consultoria


Day 4 (31/10/2018)

This morning we went to visit the ForConsulting, is a training centre to prepare adult students in different disciplines such as Business studies, Child Care studies, Social studies etc.  ( a secondary school diploma is not required to attend this course)

The courses duration is one year depending on the discipline and includes work experience. At the end each student receives a Certificate.

We visited the business room were RUI (a student) explained to us his course and the work opportunity at the end of the course. He also gave his contribute during the e-learning room session.

We visited the Tecnico Auxliar de Salude room were Ana (the teacher) gave some information about her course and her training methods. The course was composed of 50 modules.

The most anticipated part of the trip was the e-learning room to see how their program system called Moodle works and the advantages/disadvantages of using e-learning in the various disciplines. It a very good system for learning on line because you can attend on-line classes from anywhere just with a click of a mouse. The contact with the tutor its only a written contact, it is not verbal. When connecting to the Moodle platform you will receive  instructions about the time and duration of the on-line class etc. In my opinion the disadvantage of using the platform is the lack of direct contact with the tutor and classmates.

Unfortunately we didn’t do a simulation with the e-learning platform.


ForConsulting Training Centre
Business studies room
Project financed – 2020
Irish group taking notes


Social studies room

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