Welcoming Mallow NightSchool.ie

The language here is Portuguese, yet a lot of the locals have learned English, Spanish and Turkish amongst others to express their appreciation for the tourist economy.

Their laid back nature to life evident in the Barcelos city demonstrated through slow paced walking, a large number of cafes, gardens and parks is contagious and warming.

Their desire to enjoy life to the max and celebrate their culture is evident amongst the large selection of restaurants, bars, discos and night clubs which go on to 7am – it goes without saying we were unable to keep up! 😂

One must express the respect the Barcelos community have for their heritage demonstrated in their archeology such as Galil December Assobio, Diaba, Galo, Castle of Barcelos, Casal De Minhotos and Gigantona.

Expressing a huge thanks to the Barcelos community for the exceptional warm and friendly welcome! 🤗😊


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