Google Classroom making shapes in Barcelos

Google Classroom is a platform utilised by the education system in Barcelos, Portugal to support student learning.

Teachers in Portugal invite students in their classrooms by displaying the Google Classroom code on the projector, whereby students use their laptops or smart phones to access Google Classroom – this approach allows teachers to support students if difficulties arise.

Once students have access they are able to utilise teacher resources and materials; in addition to uploading their own videos, resources and comments – thus, promoting collaborative learning amongst students.

Teachers have expressed a number of positives to using Google Classroom in their classrooms – provides students with extra support, meets SEN requirements insofar as allows students to work with texts at their own pace, reduces one’s carbon footprint, promotes collaborative learning, promotes I.T. skills, promotes organisation skills, can access anytime for busy schedules and reinforces learning and student retention.

Moreover, teachers have expressed a number of limitations – reduces group dynamics, hands on explanations, doesn’t support all student learning styles, barriers challenged regarding adult learners who have poor I.T skills, feeling of isolation by learners,  cost of technology can be expensive, learners need access to compatible technology equipment and cost of teacher and student training.

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