Blog Entry

Diary Number: 1

Date: 12.11.2018

Daily Summary

With an early start we got to meet our employers for the next two weeks at Molinos hotel which is just around the corner from our apartments which is great!

After visting our workplace we had a tour of Granada and got to see all the different monumental buildings and monuments. Once the tour was over we had some free time to explore for ourselves and do a bit of shopping.


Learning & Positive Aspects of the day

We got to visit some amazing spots in Granada and got to meet some lovely Spanish people.

Challenges Encountered

The main challenge was the language barrier it was hard to understand what people were saying to me and it was also hard when ordering food and when paying for items in the shop.


For the first day I think it when very well and I got to experience some amazing places


As we had the tour we got to see some amazing buildings and monuments and meet some lovely Spanish people. We also got to try some amazing tapas.

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