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Diary Number: 2

Date: 13.11.2018

Daily Summary

With another early start I arrived at my workplace at 8:00am. We jumped straight into work as the receptionist does everything we were busy fast. Behind the reception desk u have the kitchen where breakfast is prepared, there are 4 tables laid out in the lobby area which is where people come to eat.

After serving breakfast which finished at 10:30 we were shown the different computer softwares, filing systems, checking people in and out, verifying payment cards and answering emails

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

We learned about the different computer software and there way of filing important documents. While having to serve breakfast we learned a little bit more of Spanish so when we arrive tomorrow we will understand a little bit more what customers ask for.

Challenges Encountered

Again the main challenge was the language barrier as we couldn’t understand the customers and their computer is in Spanish so reading the emails and software was difficult


Overall I think the day went well and I’m excited to see what the next day brings.


In the evening time we went to a Flamenco show, which was an experience to watch. A flamenco is a Spanish form of art with a guitarist a singer and dancer

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