Day 2 Granada

Diary Number: 2

Date: 13/11/18

Daily Summary

I started Work at 9 am it was 25 minutes on the bus. Arrived at work changed into my uniform and started my day by assisting some of the service users to have their breakfast. After this i went to do some activities with some of the service users we made puzzles done matching activities and i thought them a few works in English, Hello, how are you, my name is. this was very funny. i helped some Service users with their personal care and then made drinks for those who wanted them. We done an activity with the activity coordinator which was to cut out and sew some fabric together and them cutting out a hole at the top as it was to be used as a bag for rubbish for the car and it was to fit over the gear stick. some of the nurses were doing the Flamingo dance for the service users. it was then lunch time and i helped out in the dining room with those who needed assistance. Before i knew it, it was time to go home. A very successful day overall.


Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

I learnt to do some activities, as there was a language barrier we had to depend on google translate and non verbal communication as a means of communication. i really enjoyed teaching the few English words to the service users.

Challenges Encountered

I was pronouncing the name of the Dinner wrong and one of the service users got a little frustrated with me so i had to call one of the staff to help me to apologies and sort it out.


I was very happy with how the day went i had taken part in several different areas of the center Personal Care, Hoisting, Feeding and activities. overall i am very happy with how the day went.



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