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Diary Number:8


Daily Summary

I have now settled into a routine in my work placement, and my tasks are carried out in the same way each morning. The director is not around this morning due to other engagements but I am working away on my own initiative.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

I have not learned anything new in the workplace but, outside of the work place I have become relaxed in finding my way around at ease and being able to improve on my communication skills.

Challenges Encountered

I find the challenge of not seeing my supervisor and receiving feedback a little frustrating, but I am improving on my communication skills.


I feel that I am now able to follow directions and be able to get around at ease, and being able to look around shops and order food is becoming easier.


The culture just keeps on coming. I suppose what I am noticing more and more is the cultural differences between the people that live in Granada and for the most part it is quite evident, I find the locals are extremely friendly, but a lot of the other tourists can be a little blunt.

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