Day 10 Granada, Goodbyes

Diary Number: 10
23rd of November 2018

Daily Summary

The children were doing hands-on arts and crafts today in the morning, they are preparing for Christmas. The class together are making a 3D nativity for the school they have two weeks to complete the project. Some of the children traced buildings and scenes onto carbon paper which was on card for the layout. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product online in a couple of weeks.

Today was my last day here at placement. It was very emotional, I said my goodbyes and the staff wishes us well and told us there is always a place here for me if I should return. I’m very touched. The children signed a picture I helped sketch for a farewell gift!

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

I had such a wonderful and positive experience here, the staff and children have been so loving and friendly. I’m in awe of the effort work and love that the staff put in daily to help these children. They deserve medals all of them!

Challenges Encountered

It’s hard to say goodbye, I cried a lot! And I hugged the kids probably one more than I should of! But it stuck me that I may never see them again, or know how they progress as adults. It’s hard to let go.


Overall self evaluation I felt confident by week two and felt like I should maybe of spent more time here on Erasmus to really get a good feel for work experience. I enjoyed the time spent here and understand more about the work that goes into special education. My eyes are opened to the fact that not on book fits all needs and every child needs a flexible curriculum . As a teacher I must step back and help children bloom.


bizcocho de nuez! Made by the children, It was delicious

Sacromonte mountains

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