Day 2 Tuesday


Diary Number: 2

Date: 13/11/2018

Daily Summary

A great learning day in Nova School, we were teaching and were put in charge of groups of 3-5 yr olds English numbers and letters. These children have a great opportunity to learn English and pick it up really fast. They have a busy day.

In the evening we went to a flamenco show which was real Spanish culture. It was a fantastic show well worth a visit if you visit Granada.

I learned how to teach these children to count in English up to four. It was great to achieve this and I really felt as if I was helping the teacher. The best part of the day was the cuddles from the kids and them calling me teacher Gráinne. I am slowly getting more confident with speaking basic Spanish to the children and staff.

The language  barrier when a child was upset and I didn’t know how to help in Spanish was a little bit of a challenge.

I would love to teach this age group and maybe even teach Spanish children English. I felt more confident as the day went on.

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