Blog Entry -Day 8

Diary Number: 8

Date: 21/11/2018

Daily Summary

Met lots of new guests today. They were all talking of where they have already visited in Granada and where they plan on going to visit next. I was very impressed with one couple’s story about their visit to Alhambra as I was due to visit it this afternoon. I am extremely excited about my visit there now and cant wait to explore it all.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

I’ve learnt that working in a hotel environment and getting to meet people from all over the world is a great job to have if you are a people’s person like I am. No two days are the same which makes it a very interesting job.

Challenges Encountered

Because of the language barrier  I had to be extra careful with with any special requirements guests had, because it was vital not to make sny mistakes. For example if a guest required a superior room rather than a standard room, or more importantly if they had any special dietary requirements and asked for lactose intolerant milk instead of ordinary milk.


I’m loving meeting new people every day. I’m really enjoying the interaction with the guests especially if they are staying for a few days. One Italian lady greeted me each time she met me with a hug. Another woman was always touching my face saying “lovely lady” to me. I am really fitting in well to my placement at Hotel Carlos V.


We visited Alhambra as a group this afternoon. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. No words can describe it enough, one needs to see the pictures

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