Blog Entry Day 5

Diary Number: 5


Daily Summary

Today was my first day in a new work placement. In the morning we went to the museum in Granada. Children were playing there and listened to story about Coloured Monster. I was helping teachers to make sure that all the children are there and nobody runs away. When we came back from the museum teacher asked me to help another teacher in the class where children are 1 to 2 years old. I absolutely loved it. I was asked to change nappies, feed them and bring children to the room where they are having their naps.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

It was my first day in work placement so I learnt about their daily routine of the day. It was my first time to change nappy in the setting. I also learnt a few more Spanish words.

Challenges Encountered

I felt a bit uncomfortable at the start in my new work placement. I also was a bit nervous to feed the child as it was my first time doing it in work placement.


I feel like I did a great job today. I was happy to help teachers and children. I loved the place and staff there is really nice so I felt comfortable after an hour being there.


Today after work placement we had out free time so we just went for a walk to the city. Late in the evening we decided to go to the night club. I found very interesting that people here going to the night club at least at 3 oclock when in Ireland everything is closing at this hour.

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