Blog Entry 7

Diary Number:


Day 7


Daily summary

We celebrated infant day where we have a party and celebrate the rights of the child it was fantastic to be part of it all the staff made a big world and then the children put themselves all around it and sang songs it was great fun

Learning and positive aspects of the day

I learned that Spain celebrate holidays I didn’t even know about and I will definitely be celebrating this every year from now on.

Challenges encountered

The only challenge I am having is that I’m a bit homesick but I am managing to cope

Self evaluation

I feel I have changed a lot on this trip I have taken on my fears and done something I thought I would never be able to do my personal growth is evident and it’s great


The culture here is very different to back home the Spanish have their own way of doing things and it works for them life seems very fast pace over here and everyone stays up late and is out shopping and doing family activities late into the night

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