Zavetišče za živali Maribor

Busy week so far visiting host employers and one for is our visit to Zavetišče za živali Maribor – an animal welfare shelter. There we met Tomaz, facility manager and had a great chat on services provided and the realities of owning a pet. Zavetišče za živali have a superb facility with all the required supports to deliver on animal welfare.

In the Shelter for the Abandoned Animals they take care of homeless/neglected dogs and cats. During opening hours of the shelter, prospective adopters can see all the animals and visit them, as first contact is very important and tells staff whether a selected animal will accept a prospective adopter or not. For the future adopter and for the shelter as a careful temporary owner, this first meeting is a very important step. Animals that are available for adoption can be viewed according to the type of animals under the conjugate. Cover photo shows Frank Heffernan – Mallow College, Emily- Malow College Work Placement Student and   Tomaz – Shelter Manager, Zavetišče za živali Maribor.

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