Italy Week 1

Weekly summary :

First , we were introduced to the head teachers in the school who would be responsible for showing us the classrooms and the timetable to which we would need to follow. We met multiple students , both with and without disabilities. We had our first day of work experience and I had one to one with a student and sna doing technical graphics. Then children were taught basic everyday skills like setting the table making tea and coffee

Learning & positive Aspects of Week 1

I learnt that the SNA’s interact a lot more with the children here, they are more like a teacher than an SNA.

Challenges Encountered

Language barrier is hard, getting use to the Italian way is tough, finding the right bus to go from A to B took a bit of getting use to.

Self Evaluation

I know my way around Rimini much better now than I did when I first came, I am becoming more aware of what buses we take the get us to where we need to go, I am speaking a little bit of Italian and understanding some words spoken back to me in Italian.


There is many different aspects of the Italian culture that I have enjoyed.

I thoroughly enjoyed the food that Rimini had to offer , the pastas , pizzas and gelato ice cream was fantastic .

The monuments and buildings all as beautiful as each other really caught my eye , and the history behind them was interesting .A very pretty monument was the Augustus arch , it was one of my favourite

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