Erasmus Slovenia: Week 2

My second week in Slovenia was much more relaxed as I was getting into a routine. The staff at work made a great effort to show me how everything was done by them. The residents were also getting more comfortable with me.

We visited Ljubljana, The capital city of Slovenia. While we were here we looked through street markets, got a tour of the city and took a boat tour.

I also visited the city of Ptuj. This is the oldest city in Slovenia. We got taken on a tour of the city by a friend who’s home is in the city. We were also taken to her home for a traditional Slovenian dinner.

On Friday we went to an opera night in the park. This was very enjoyable and different to anything I have been to before.

On Saturday we all visited Pohorje mountain. We got a cable car up and saw the incredible view of Maribor. We then walked the 45 minute walk up to a cafe. After this we took a bout tour in Maribor.

On Sunday we visited Celje by train. This is the third largest city in Slovenia.

Overall I am really enjoying my visit to Slovenia.

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