Blog Entry 06

Diary Number: 06

Date: 17/11/18


Daily Summary

Today I had duties in the toddle room it started from at 9:00 am and finish by at 12:00 pm I sat with children in the pre-play time.  The children were playing with toy animals on the mat. today i was in charge of reading a story to the toddles, i read a book called windy to rain to the toddles after that we did some painting based on the book such as the toddles pained the  rain or wind as well as happy face and sad face.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

The Positive aspects of the day was that the teacher give me a feedback saying that i should have more confidence when i am reading a story and try to read few book out loud to help me improve  when i am reading to toddle. as well as in Spanish class I learned some of the Spanish Rhymes in the circle time which help me to communicate more with the toddles .

Challenges Encountered

Today the challenges I encountered was that the  Spanish teacher she asking me what kind of activity i would carry out with the children for example read a story book to the children.


Overall today was very hard day because when the Spanish teacher asked me to read story a book to a  children I felt l very uncountable to read the story to the children as i find hard to read a story out loud.  


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