Blog Entry 07

Diary Number: 07

Date: 20/11/18


Daily Summary

Today i had the duty in the preschool room we had circle time where we sang song .when we were done the children had story time before  lunch time the children had fruits. following that they had Free play where they played with any toys they want . around 12.00 they had lunch i help the youngest children to eat their lunch. when they finished their lunch i cleared up the mess and i brought the chairs back while they were watching cartoon on the whiteboard.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

The Positive aspects of the day was that the preschool teacher wanted to show patients and wanted to show how to wait in line she did this by cutting up some fruits in front of the children and they all waited for they turns to get a piece of fruit.  

Challenges Encountered

Today I encountered no challenges as I was able to do my work to the best of my abilities


Overall today was very good day as everything when well.


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