Blog Entry day 9

Diary Number: 9

Date: 22/11/2018

Daily Summary

Today I had great day in my work placement. During the day I was in 3 classrooms so I saw how they are planning time during the time in class. I also helped teachers to prepare the classroom for activities, was feeding babies, changing nappies and played a lot with children.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

I spend a lot of time in different classrooms so I know how they planning activities for children of different ages. I also saw how they are dealing in different situations in every classroom.

Challenges Encountered

It was a bit disturbing to move from one class to another. Language barrier was a big challenge too because I was in the class where teacher cant speak english so it was hard to communicate.


I was able to say to the teacher what I wanted using google translater. I also saw how they do their paper work in different classroom.


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