Blog Entry day 10

Diary Number: 10

Date: 23/11/2018

Daily Summary

Today it was my last day in work placement. I spend most of the day in babies room and when we fed them and put them to beds for their nap I went to other room when children was 1 to 2 years old. Uusually I was in the classroom with teacher who does circle time in English but today I watched what they do during circle time in Spanish langauge. When we were finishing our superviaor made us all cake. It was very hard to leave and I got very emotional.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

I saw how they do circle time in Spanish language. I could say that positive aspect for me was that I saw children was gettong sad when I said them goodbye so thats mean that I was doing good job during my time in school and that they did like me.

Challenges Encountered

I was very emotional today so I couldnt fully concentrate.


I think today was very emotional day and now I know that I shouldnt get so close with children because it makes them upset.


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