Erasmus Diary Italy Week 1

We landed late on Sunday night Feb 3rd..Apartment is lovely. Early morning coffee at a local bar with with cream pastries,we got a bus to the school really big school ,staff are really friendly and the children are amazing.

Learning & Positive Aspects of Week 1

The school was very interesting,we have been doing a variety of activities from Cooking ,classes in law, languages, they are really into the idea of inclusion, affection and all the staff are very positive and relaxed which creates a lovely experience. The atmosphere in the school is great child are not put under pressure to achieve high grades, they are more interested in teaching them to express their personality and unique characteristics.

Challenges Encountered

Language is a challenge but all the staff like when you make an effort some of the children find it difficult to understand why we speak English but we try to explain in Italian and they are fine then. The children have various disabilities and are very open about speaking about them.


I enjoyed the culture we have visited some amazing places ,old cities beautiful towns ,with traditional food and textile industries..


It is very tiring travelling around the city, it is all by bus, very few taxis but the timetables are very clear and reliable.

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