Maribor – Slovenia

Arrived in Maribor on Saturday night, 25th May 2019, and got to know Maribor through rent a bike, on Sunday 26th May. Maribor is a beautiful city full of history, architectural creativity and culture. It is a vibrant university and FET city with an abundace of academis students and FET students, all now in a flurry, given that June is exams month.

Maribor is  set amid wine-region hills on the Drava River. On Glavni Trg, the old town’s main square, the Renaissance-style Town Hall (Mariborski rotovž) dates from 1515. On nearby Grajski Trg square, 15th-century Maribor Castle houses a frescoed Knights’ Hall and the Regional Museum of Maribor, with extensive displays of local artifacts. To the southwest, Mariborsko Pohorje is a prominent ski resort.

Looking forward to my week’s work in Maribor.

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