Go Fit Health & Wellness Centre Malaga, Spain.

¡Hola! As part of the Erasmus + experience I find myself in Malaga enjoying the Spanish hospitality. By day my work is to learn the systems behind the successful chain of GoFit centres which span across Spain and Portugal. Maybe soon they will also come to the Irish too.

It has been an enjoyable experience so far, I am writing this on day 2. I am grateful to the college for the opportunity to go behind the scenes of world class business’s which without the organization and collaboration with Spanish business’s would not be possible.

While it is difficult to be away from home comforts and family the city is providing plenty of entertainment which is organised prior to our arrival. Of course the beach being nearby is the most popular attraction.

My day here starts at 8am with breakfast served by a bubbly happy Spanish chef( I am yet to know her name). Work so far has involved immersion in the information and sales documents that the company uses for memberships. As they are all in Spanish, I have started by translating which has been very useful in understanding exactly what the centre is saying to their clients. In addition to this the sales team have walked me through the new member process on their system. This is very interesting as I can see how efficient they are here.

Luckily as a temporary employee I get the benefit of being free to attend any classes, the hydrotherapy pool, thermal suites, gym and anything else that is going on…all outside work hours of course!!!

I have used the pool and did 1 tai chi class (in Spanish which was another perspective) 😂

I have noticed that any effort to speak Spanish is gratefully received by my colleagues at work and find a translation app very useful to chat in Spanish.

For now this is all I have to say so hasta luego! (See you later)

On the way to work

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