Granada day 4 Work

Diary Number: 14
Date: 15 of November 2018

Daily Summary

I arrived at 10am, today I was placed in a different room as the class I usually go with were out on a trip. This was a very different experience as the class I usually go to have much different needs to the class I was in today. However I learnt a lot. Our supervisor arrived and had a look around I helped translate! Today we are going on a tour later on.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

Being in a different room helped me learn more about the placement. I met new people and other students. I also got to be a part of an activity with different children that I’m used to.

Challenges Encountered

The needs of the children at placement vary, and I’m not sure what they are and what happened. I asked what happened and the teacher moved away and explained to me that we shouldn’t talk about the person in front of them. They are aware and can hear us.


I learned proper practice for different activities today. Skills include tube feeding and also proper use of words for needs. I understand now how to talk around students with severe needs. And how to behave. I enjoy working at placement however I learned that I prefer the educational side more than the care.


The volunteers and students at the center are very friendly and often show affection to the students. This isn’t the norm back home. It’s lovely to see.

A man mopping the streets of Granada, it’s so clean here!

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