Day 2

Daily summary

Today was my first day at my placement I was shadowing the English teacher and delivered lessons to the children. The children are aged from 8 months to 3 years. I read a story to the children and helped them with art projects. After placement we had free time so I went for a walk and looked around the shops. Later we all went to see flamenco dancing.

Learning and positive aspects of the day

Today I learnt about the ratios in the placement, I was shocked at the large numbers of children per adult. I learned the way the Spanish children are raised is very different to how children are raised in Ireland. Spanish people are very passionate people and all their feelings are magnified.

Challenges encountered

I was nervous setting out this morning and worried I would get the wrong bus or get lost, I we also worried about meeting people in my placement. This was all pointless as I managed to remember my way and the staff are very lovely.

Self evaluation

I feel I am out of my comfort zone but this is a good thing I want to keep doing my best and enjoying the experience.


I have noticed that it is normal to be up late here, children go to bed about 11pm. The night life is very different from the day.

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