Week 3 (last week) in Maribor, Slovenia…

My third and last week in Slovenia has been the toughest for me. As a work experience student i had to say goodbye to the amazing staff that helped and guided me through my placement and residents which who were so kind to me. Goodbyes are always difficult for me.

I have become more independent and confident in myself after this 3 week trip. I learned many new skills as well as developed my existing skills during my work placement in Maribor.

The start of my college year i never thought i would be lucky enough to be part of this amazing opportunity and because of this im very grateful and hope to be apart of many more trips in the future. I definitely feel like my shyness has faded now compared to the start of my college year. I hope to return to Maribor and bring along friends to show them the amazing atmosphere and culture and take a visit to my work placement.

I definitely will be telling everyone to visit Slovenia!

Thank you for choosing me to be apart of this program. 🙂

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