Blog Entry Day 4

Diary Number: 4

Date: 15/11/2018

Daily Summary

Arrived at work as usual just before 9am. It’s great now that I’m familiar with the hotel set up as I can get stuck in straight away with what needs to be done.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

I can’t believe how much I’m learning. Today I was inputting customer reservations through the computer system. I was quite nervous doing the first one but I was fine after that. I had to input all the relevant details, eg passport number, date of issue of passport, date of birth, nationally  name, address, room number, room price etc.

I then had to do an analysis of the total monthly figures for bakery and drinks for the month of October and input this information.

Challenges Encountered

I’m a people person and absolutely love dealing with the public, but I was unsure of the protocol of staff talking to the hotel guests, so I discussed this and was told that the hotel encourage this interaction with the guests. A lot of their business is repeat business and they want their guests to have  a pleasant experience and that I was helping with this, so I could continue and converse away with them.


I feel I have settled in very well to this job and that all the staff are pleased with me. I am very confident that I am giving the guests a good experience of the hotel whilst I am dealing with them.


I have learnt it’s best to just walk around all the different streets rather than a planned out journey as there’s something beautiful to see around every corner and side street. This evening we walked up to Albaicìn which was a daunting experience when we saw all the steps up the hill we had to travel but it was worth it, even though I would have rather visited it earlier in the day because it was quite dark when we got there and I felt that I didn’t see it at it’s best advantage.

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