Blog Entry

Diary Number: 9

Date: 22.11.2018

Daily Summary:

Our work experience days are coming to an end and it’s sad to be leaving such amazing people we have met.

As usual we started the morning serving breakfast and after it was more a chill morning as the hotel wasn’t busy. We filed the new guests coming and entered their information into the police system. We balanced the money at the end of our day.

In the evening our group had a ceremony with our hosts. We were presented with our certificates and enjoyed some tapas.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day:

I feel like the more time I’m spending around Spanish people the more I’m picking up the language and I can understand a bit more.


Challenges Encountered:

In our ceremony we were all asked to say a little bit about our work experience which was a huge challenge for me as I don’t like speaking in public. It was nice to hear our groups experience from their work place.


I feel the day went well and I enjoyed it.



For our ceremony we enjoyed some Spanish  tapas. I had a fajita with chicken and it was delicious. It was nice to be all together and with our hosts.

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