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Diary Number: 8

Date: 21/11/2018

Daily Summary

Today when i arrived to work placment i helped get the children sorted for the day ahead and i helped get them out of their wheel chairs and lay them down on beds while sitting up and give them the needs that they needed. When that was done i went down to the multi sensory stimulation room with a woman named Rosa. Rosa is a volunteer and does sensory with certain children with the school psychologist.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

What i have learned from being in the sensory stimulation room  is getting the child distracted by soft sounds and lights and talking softly to the child so the child can calm and getting use to new textures and sounds and this help us too as it enables us to get childrens glasses on etc if they dont like wearing them on etc.

Challenges Encountered

Challenges i encountered today was that trying to understand and learn what they were teaching the children and the language barrier was there as the psychologist didnt speak english.


Today i wish i could have asked more questions to rosa and to the psychologist as i would have a more understanding.


Today we climbed up to see Alhambra and see the view of the whole of Granada from there.

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