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Diary Number: 7

Date: 20/11/2018

Daily Summary

Today i went to work placment at 10am. When i arrived, the children werent long after arriving after me. When they arrived i coat their coats and jumpers off and shoes. After i gave them the facilities that they need like oxgen mask etc. Brought a child to the sensory room for 20 mins as they were upset and not settling through out the day and after it helped them to calm and relax.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

Being in the sensory room, it gives the child to calm and take a moment to themself and zone out to what is happening around them by listening to calm music and seeing different colours.

Challenges Encountered

Challenges i encountered was when the child started falling a sleep in the room i didnt know weather to pick them up and bring him back to the room or leave them there for another while as they may start to get upset and get unsettled again.


From working today, i feel like i have gotten more confident around the children and that i am able to work on my own initiative


Later today we went to a bar and tasted 3 different types of craft beer and we got tapas and crisps with each craft beer too.

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