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Diary Number: 6

Date: 19/11/2018

Daily Summary

Today i went to work placment and i arrived at 10am. When i arrived i went to the room i was in last week. When i went into the room i was greeted and i straight away got hands on. When the children that have high level needs came i greeted them and got them comfy and took of their coats and shoes. After that we got them settled and gave them the facilities that they are given. The day went on and i helped move the children move from one place to another and helped getting the equipment ready from them to eat. The children are all feed through a gastic tube.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

What i learned today was hoe to feed the children today through a gastic tube and i was able to do it myself with supervision. I didnt it for a few mins but was not confident enough but it was good to learn how to do it.

Challenges Encountered

Challenges were not in encountered today.


While being in work placment today from been given a chance to feed the children through a gastic tube and not being able to do it as i wasnt confident enough to do it, i felt annoyed as i was so willing to learn but next time i would definitely try again with supervision.


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