Granada Day 10 The Grand Finale


 I Did It Whoo Hoo 

Diary Number: 10

Date: 23/11/18

Daily Summary

D day has arrived i cant believe its my last day today, i had to do a power point presentation on Ireland today for the staff and service users of the Center where i work. i was a nervous wreck but i did it and i feel i done a great job. i done main;y activities with the service users today like bingo, snap and we done a lot of international songs and dances the day just flew and i was very emotional saying goodbye to everyone. this experience is one that ill treasure forever. Both the staff and service users said some beautiful words to me about how they felt about me as a person which i never would have expected. to be honest they went away above and beyond my expectations  i felt so comfortable and so welcome there it was just great. In the evening we went to do a tour of  Sacramento. oh wow what can i say its a truly beautiful experience the views and the buildings were just breathtaking we also went into the mountain which is the highest point in Granada the view again was breathtaking, we went to visit a Cave where an artist was actually living it was just amazing. Of we finished the day/night with a few very well deserved drinks.

Learning & Positive Aspects of the Day

The tour of Sacramento was definitely the highlight of my day if i known beforehand it was such a long walk there is no way id have gone, but boy was i glad i did i just loved the views they were amazing.


Challenges Encountered

The Power Point presentation was a major challenge for me especially with the language barrier, i must admit i was thrilled with how well it went. what i had beforehand was i translated each PowerPoint into Spanish and wrote out some information about each slide in Spanish. I was pleasantly surprised at how interactive the service users were during the presentation. So while this was something id feared i gave it my all and aced it.


This whole experience from start to finish has just been unreal, im totally blown away be the place and the people. i definitely feel this has impacted on me as a person in a positive way.


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