Erasmus Diary Italy Week 1

Daily Summary

Today is a day off from school,we spent an amazing day in Florence, what a wonderful experience , we had a lovely tour guide called Leon he gave us great information on the history of the city. I have some great pictures which I will share

Learning & Positive Aspecs of Week 1

The culture of the people is based all around good food ,we went to a classic restaurant in the city centre,the location was fantastic just beside the Cathedral, which is the 4th largest building in the world, and the food was superb. Great value for money in the shops and the markets, everyone is really friendly.

Challenges Encountered

The main aspect is to be aware of where you are and listen carefully to all instructions as not everyone speaks English so it can be difficult to find directions


As the week progressed it was great to be a little more relaxed and confident speaking with locals for purchasing food and gifts.


The monuments , architecture and and scenery are beautiful and the atmosphere is very friendly. The weather is beautiful since we arrived.

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