Granada Week 2

by Kinga Luczak

Monday 18.02.2019 – Another week started. Today at work I was asked to do research on upcoming trips and events for certain websites related with Best Life Experience. That included Trips from Granada, Jaen and Malaga! Later that day our group had a tour to the high points in Granada to see town from above, and of course I have spent my evening preparing my weeks diary, uploading  photos and relaxing in the apartment.

Tuesday 19.02.2019 – Busy Office today ! I was sending emails with requests for clients who have to send additional information and payments for upcoming trips. It was all in Spanish, that’s a challenge, but I’m getting better with it every day 🙂 Today I had Spanish Tortilla for lunch and salad plus lovely Sangria.

Wednesday 20.02.2019 – My work started normally, busy day sending emails to confirm identity of people attending trips to Lisboa. I was using spreadsheets to put all the information in, I got through it smoothly 🙂 later I was asked to cut some papers provided to be filled by customers. Our tour guide took the group later that evening to discover Beautiful Sacromonte, we discovered little white caves occupied by Gipsys and found out that its the Part of Neighbourhood where Flamenco was born !

Gipsy Quarters

Thursday 21.02.2019 – I have continued my work doing last day task, making sure more people sent their information home. I got to send them WhatsApp messages also, they were in Spanish, I got Spanish responses to few! how exciting I could text back in Spanish also. Later that evening we were given out our Certificates in one of the next hostels, a positive aspect of it was food.

Best Erasmus Group

Friday 22.02.2019 – Today is my last day at work. I kind of will miss that place, got attached to people. It is going to be a quiet day just finishing bits I have started. I had to say goodbye to everyone, It was a pleasure to learn new things! Special thank you to Marina who was my supervisor for the whole time. <3 Thanks the Best Life Experience crew!

Best Life Experience

Saturday 23.02.2019 – Malaga here I come! 8 o clock trip today. Arriving we have visited Alcazaba which is the most preserved Moorish fortress Palace and main landmark in Malaga. I have went to the beach ! Surprised and excited to see some people swimming:)

View from Alcazaba

Sunday 24.02.2019 – Bye Bye Granada <3 Hard to say goodbye, This was best experience with Erasmus program I could think of 🙂 Thank you all!

Learning Positive aspects of Week 2.

The past week , have definitely thought me how to deal under pressure. I had very intensive days at work, trying to get every trip organised and make sure there’s no mistakes. I Improved my Spanish even more ! I am very proud of myself.

Challenges encountered

I faced few difficulties, as being in a foreign country is a big challenge. I faced stress and also a bit homesick. But thinking of my future and what I will take out from this Erasmus experience, kept me going and excited for a new day.

Self Evaluation

I learned how to cooperate with others. how to be professional at workplace and handle pressure. I didn’t expect I could get so easy used to new environment and people. It shows I am very open to new challenges!


More of beautiful Spain discovered. Old ruins of Palaces, and architectural designs we have seen show me a beautiful side of Spain and I didn’t think I could be so fascinated with it. Looking forward to discover more in the future.

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